The Professional Towing & Recovery Operators of Illinois (PTROI), is a nonprofit, statewide organization formed to protect and promote the welfare of those engaged in the towing and recovery business and aid in ensuring the safety of the public in Illinois. Its goals are to educate members and the public, promote professional and quality towing services to provide a more favorable image of the towing industry for the public, and unite towers working for the common good of the towing industry.

     To further the effectiveness of our association, the PTROI needs our support. The more united we are, the stronger and more successful we will be in assisting you as a member and the towing and recovery industry as a whole.  Decisions are being made everyday in government and our own industry that affect our industry. You cannot afford not to belong to PTROI.  By becoming a member you will be aiding your industry and livelihood as you become one of the industry’s policy makers.


Join the PTROI today and enjoy all of the benefits of membership!

  1. Support one of the largest towing and recovery association in the country that fights to represent you every day
  2. Get a free one-year subscription to the award winning Beacon Newsletter filled with valuable information for towers statewide
  3. Gain access to the PTROI member-only section on this site containing helpful links, the latest from our legislative committee and much more
  4. Gain access to powerful education for you and your staff being sure your company is always prepared with the latest training and safety techniques
  5. Be invited to several events planned throughout the year designed for members to share ideas, solutions, and develop a community of knowledge sharing
  6. Support the legislative efforts of the PTROI focused on explaining and defending the position of the towing and recovery industry both in Springfield and Washington DC.
  7. Be a part of the solution in our sometimes troubled industry. Show the law makers, insurance industry and law enforcement officials we are an active and responsible member of the community and that a small minority of bad operators shouldn’t speak for the rest of us.

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